Caird Publications aims to bring truly authentic World War II aviation stories to readers of the genre, and the novels of David Bruce will transport WWII aviation enthusiasts to less familiar settings - and immerse them in a matchless blend of historical and technical detail.

We hope that you enjoy browsing this site - especially the 'Scrapbook', where we have pulled together a number of aviation exhibits. Within each theme a few items will be well-known; but others are likely to be somewhat rarer. The Scrapbook will be updated as new material comes our way, so we are worth the occasional revisit. If you do buy a book we hope that you will let us know your opinion of it.

** Scrapbook latest: 'The Rose Turret' added 1 st August, 2013 **

** Publication latest: 'Falcon' now available to order - see Order Now! **

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