A Few Shots of Training Aircraft

A few images of training aircraft.

A Dual Control Hurricane

A photograph of one of thirty-four dual control Hurricane trainers supplied to Iraq in early 1947. Thirty-four Fury fighters (Sea Fury without the shipboard fit) were also supplied, four of which were dual-control.



Spitfire trainer

A Spitfire Trainer

This prototype Spitfire trainer was created from a standard MkVIII for advanced tuition and despite the bulging canopy of the aft cockpit was capable of 390 mph. (The rear canopy of the Spitfire trainer flown by Caroline Grace is much sleeker.)


The Winjeel Production Line

The Winjeel was the Australian version of the Piston Provost and was used post-war. This is a photograph of the production line, with the usual bunch of bods hanging around with spanners, clipboards, tinnies etc.



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