RAF Miscellaneous Bits

Here are a few more odd items which we hope will be of interest.


RAF Ether Injector

No, this is not for mainlining - or any other nefarious purpose. This is an RAF ether injector that was used to help start engines on cold mornings. A quick quirt of ether into the engine air intake and it was off like a Duracell bunny.

Best to stay upwind of the man using it, we are told...

Ether Injector

Inertia Cocked Pin IN

Inertia Switch - Secure State

This is an early type of intertia switch which works by the displacement of a mass - a large steel ball, and it is shown here positioned as though the forward movement of the aircraft is to the right. The switch is shown in its armed, or cocked state, with the safety pin inserted at the bottom. In this safe state, if the aircraft decellerated quickly the steel ball would move to the right. This would normally allow the toothed lever beneath to pivot upwards, thus allowing the spring-loaded contact plunger to move to the right and press the electrical contacts together. However, the spring-loaded plunger is held back by the flanged pin underneath it.


Inertia Switch - Safety Pin Removed

This shot shows the switch with the safety pin removed and the flanged pin now further to the right. If the aircraft were to decellerate now the ball would move to the right, the toothed lever would move up and the spring-loaded contact plunger would be free to move towards the electrical contacts.

Inertia Cocked Pin Out
Inertia Tripped

Inertia Switch Activated

This image shows the switch after it has been activated, with the nose of the spring-loaded plunger now pressing the electrical contacts together. Whatever service depended on the switch (Emergency Locator Transmitter? Black Box ejection unit? Unlocking the emergency whisky supply?) will now be activated.

The switch is re-armed by inserting a thin pin through a hole in the case and pushing the steel ball to the right, at which point the flanged pin at the bottom is pulled to the left. The flange re-cocks the contact- plunger and the safety pin is then re-inserted to the right of the flange.


Brake Parachute Control Switch

This image shows the left and right views of a Dowty brake chute control. Not a lot of explanation needed here...

A vital addition to the dashboard of your 1960s Ford banger...

Brake Chute Control
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