Girl On A Seafire

RNAS Yeovilton, July,1944; Armourer Barbara Platt wins the Miss Seafire contest. This photograph reveals all we could ever wish to know about the spirit of the ground crews of the FAA.

Post-war, Miss Platt married and became the mother of my great friend and computer guru Peter.

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Girl on a Seafire

Team photo: From the left; Rusty, Jean, "Daddy" George, Barbara, Pilot Officer Hanley, Jeso, and Eddie.

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FAA Group 1

February, 1944. Course A.M.O.(9) for WRNS Aircraft Mechanics at HMS Fledgeling (Mill Meece, Staffordshire). The class has succeeded in getting all eight .303 Colt Browning machine guns out of the Hurricane - now all they have to do is to figure out how to put them back.

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FAA Group 2


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